Clipomatic; Copy-and-paste Multiple Sentences Smarter

If your line of work requires you to copy and paste many different and sometimes duplicated items, you’ll know that the Windows clipboard only holds one ‘copy’ at a time. If you ever wanted to be able to copy and paste multiple sentences, then you should try this advanced clipboard manager called Clipomatic.
If you use Windows keyboard shortcuts all the time, then you should know that Ctrl + C is for copy and Ctrl + V is for paste – and you can only paste the last item that you copied.
With Clipomatic, you can paste what you’ve copied 10 times ago by pushing Ctrl + Alt + V (or a custom combination), then selecting one of your last 10 (or more) copies.

Start Using Clipomatic

Go ahead and download Clipomatic from this website. You’ll have a ZIP file with a single installer file inside. It is important to extract the installer. Right-click on the installer, click on Run As Administrator and go through the installation process. Note: You might need to restart your computer to get it running.
Clipomatic Install
You’ll know its running when you have the Clipomatic taskbar icon located on the bottom right corner where you can find more customizable options.
Clipomatic Taskbar
In the settings, you can customize the ‘Paste Key’ and number of copies to keep by changing the number of ‘Cache Items’. Instead of clicking to launch the program every time your computer starts up, you can choose to Load on Startup. As for other settings available, you do not need to change anything as it works fine on the default settings.
Clipomatic Settings
Clipomatic works with other text editing programs. However, try to select a Paste Key which is not a default keyboard shortcut of the program you’re using.

Copy And Paste More, Faster

Once you’ve assigned your Paste Key, you can begin copying multiple words or sentences. To paste, press your assigned Paste Key and a menu will pop up, showing you a list of things you have copied.
You can click on one of the copies or press a number on your keyboard to paste the corresponding sentence.

Permanent Copies

You have the option of setting permanent copies that will always be shown in the menu. You edit this list by Right Clicking on the Clipomatic taskbar icon and going to Clipset Editor.
Clipomatic Permanent Settings
A new window will open. Make sure permanent.clipset is selected; you choose this by pressing the browse button (square button on top right) to browse for it.
Clipset Editor
Right click anywhere in the white box in Clipset Editor and select New. Another ‘Item’ window will appear where you can input a word or sentence that you want permanently in your clipboard. Click OK and add more items. Close the Clipset Editor when you’re done.
Add Permanent
Now, when you press your Paste Key, you’ll be able to paste whatever you have added into the permanent clipset.
If you’re looking for a powerful and customizable clipboard manager, Clipomatic is a small and easy to use program that makes your Copying and Pasting process easier and faster.

Check out Clipomatic.

Translation Apps fo smartphones

Now language translation apps for smartphones can do much, much more than that old plastic device with the rubbery buttons and one-line display. Many of them let you speak or type a question in English and have that instantly translated into a foreign tongue, which the app can speak out loud or display on the phone’s screen. A response from a local can be translated right back into English for you. A single app may include the ability to translate dozens of languages—more than a backpack full of dictionaries.

I put these promising features to the test by heading into Korean, Chinese, and Japanese neighborhoods in San Francisco with three translation apps—two on the iPhone and one that works on the iPhone or Android phones.

The results were mixed. It’s quicker to use these apps than to look up words in a dictionary or phrasebook, and they can understand complete sentences. But apps with voice recognition don’t always capture spoken words in noisy situations, especially when those words aren’t in English. This made interacting with strangers even more awkward than usual.
I’m still excited about the future possibilities, but for now there’s a long way to go.

SayHi Translate

Availability: iPhone; the company says an Android version is coming in a few months
Price: currently 99 cents; generally $2.99
This is my favorite of the three. It’s the most visually appealing and easiest to use. After choosing your language and the one into which you want your words translated, you press a blue on-screen button, say or type what you need, and let it speak the translation aloud (the words are also shown as on-screen text). The people you’re talking to can then tap a green button and respond in their language, and SayHi will translate that back into your tongue.

The app supports about two dozen languages, including Arabic, Korean, Swedish, and Italian, plus a number of common dialects, and can speak most of these aloud. You can select conversation snippets to share on Facebook or elsewhere, choose a male or female voice for the app, and control how quickly it speaks.

SayHi usually understood what I was saying, as long as I enunciated and spoke at an even pace. But when non-English speakers tried to respond to questions, such as “how do I cook this?” or start their own line of conversation, it generally couldn’t understand their words.

I found that it was often best to say or type what I wanted in advance. Later on, you can always tap on that phrase on the screen and hit “Speak” to play back the translation, or just point it out to the person you’re asking for help. I suspect it might also work better if I asked simpler questions, and, when possible, convinced people to type their answers.

Another thing to keep in mind: While you can see the text of past translations without wireless service, you must have access to a wireless network to get new translations or play existing translations aloud. This could be expensive if you’re planning to use your phone in another country.

 Google Translate

Availability: Android, iPhone, Web
Price: free
The coolest part about Google Translate is the sheer number of languages it knows: It can translate the text and speech of more than 60 languages into spoken and typed words.

In typical Google style, the app is fairly simple to use but nothing fancy to look at. Near the top of the screen are two language buttons; you change them by tapping on them. Between the buttons is a two-way arrow that determines the input and output tongue. You can type words into an on-screen box, or speak them aloud. If you’re using the Android version, there’s also an augmented reality feature that lets you snap an image of printed text, highlight it, and receive a translation.
Unfortunately, like SayHi, Google Translate had a hard time understanding what was said by people I met. And while its translations of what I was saying in English were sometimes understood, a kind Japanese video store employee told me that he really had to think about the meaning of what popped up on the screen because it wasn’t quite clear.

The small two-way translation button also led to mishaps. For example, I’d think it was set for me to speak in English so it could translate to Japanese, but it was actually prepared to translate Japanese to English. It would be easier if the button were larger or more boldly labeled.
As with SayHi, you must be connected to the Internet to use Google Translate for anything but viewing past translations.


Availability: iPhone
Price: free for limited version with Chinese and Japanese phrases; $3.99 per language.
Because Mantaphrase forces you to choose from an assortment of preset phrases that are sorted by topic, I thought it might be easier to use than the others. It’s also the only app I tested that works fully without wireless network access.

But I ran into some trouble. The app features a long list of phrases you can scroll through, as well as a search bar and four big topic listings (Commerce, Essential, Directions, and Transport) that are each subdivided into more topics (tap “Transport,” for example, and you’ll see “Air,” “Car & Taxi,” “Train,” and “Bus”) that each yield more specific situations. All these layers quickly got confusing, as I couldn’t always remember where I’d seen a phrase before (you can search within the app by keyword, fortunately).

You can tap a phrase to pull it up on the screen in both English and the language you’ve chosen (Chinese or Japanese are all that it has now, but the company says Spanish and French are coming soon). When appropriate, virtual “yes” and “no” buttons appear for the person you’re trying to communicate with to tap in response. That is clever, but doesn’t account for the fact that strangers may hesitate to touch your phone (they seemed pretty shy with mine). It’s also easy to see appropriate follow-up phrases by tapping the bottom of the screen, or display all the questions you’ve asked in a single conversation by swiping down from the top.

Using the Chinese setting, I got someone to point me in the direction of the nearest drugstore, learned the price of a scarf in a variety store, and was politely denied when I asked if I could pay for groceries with a credit card. But when I tried to get food recommendations at a bakery and at a restaurant, Mantaphrase seemed off its game: both times, the people I encountered suggested a restaurant down the street, thinking I was asking where—not what—to eat.

Rachel Metz

Your smartphone is spying on You

Do you think most people are aware of how much personal information they give their smartphones? Let us know in the comments.

image courtesy of Jonathan mcintosh, Flickr

10 Best iPhone Apps for Emergency Preparedness

While the ability to contact someone in the event of an emergency has always been part of a cell phone’s appeal, today’s technological advances have allowed mobile devices to evolve far beyond simply making and receiving phone calls. With the power of the iPhone backed by the talents of the many developers whose products fill the App Store, you now have unprecedented access to emergency assistance, information and alerts through your cell phone.

These 10 apps are among the best for ensuring that you’re prepared for any emergency, and are wise investments to make.

  1. Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association – If you live or work with children, there’s a chance that you will one day be faced with the need to intervene due to a choking incident. With this $1.99 American Heart Association-approved app, you can access accurate life-saving information about how to best proceed in the event of choking, drowning or a cardiac episode.
  2. Emergency Survival Handbook – The free version of the Emergency Survival Handbook for iPhone is packed with important information on a variety of subjects ranging from earthquakes to hazardous household chemical exposure. From general preparedness for smaller, everyday urgent situations to catastrophic events, this app touches on everything and will leave you better equipped to face any situation.
  3. Intellicast HD – As one of the most advanced weather applications in the App Store, the free Intellicast HD app offers a variety of tools for staying apprised of weather-related risks and knowing when a severe storm is approaching “natural disaster” status. Push alert notifications will also give you real-time warnings from the National Weather Service, so you’ll never be caught unaware by an escalating storm.
  4. ICE (In Case of Emergency) Keeping your emergency contact and medical information at the tips of your fingers is simple with this free app, which will allow you to store one emergency contact and your driver’s license with the lite version. Higher functionality and more features accompany a purchase of the full, paid version.
  5. American Red Cross: Shelter View – Should a natural disaster or catastrophic event leave you and your family in need of emergency shelter, this free app will let you know when new shelters are opened and where they’re located in order to facilitate the quickest possible move to safety. Offered by the Red Cross and functional across the United States, this is one free app you’ll definitely wish you had should you find yourself in need of shelter and assistance.
  6. iMPrepared – Within the free download of iMPrepared, you’ll get a flashlight, compass, S.O.S signal and access to disaster RSS feeds. Recording relevant contact numbers and medical information will also help you to create a full family preparedness plan in advance, so that you never find yourself in need of such information when every moment counts.
  7. POM Alert – POM stands for “peace of mind,” which is something that this $0.99 app offers in spades. Location-based alerts and real-time notifications keep you informed of any essential public alerts that are issued, including severe weather, disease control and Homeland Security information.
  8. ubAlert – Disaster Alert Network – When disaster strikes, getting relevant information can be difficult. This free app allows you to connect with others in your area and around the world to access reports and event details, ensuring that you’re able to determine the best way to proceed and supplementing the existing emergency alert and information systems.
  9. ELERTS – Whether the emergency in your area is a natural disaster or the result of human action, the free ELERTS app will keep you up to date so that you don’t inadvertently wander into dangerous territory. People on the streets in your area can take pictures to warn others around them of an emergency event, potentially saving lives in the process.
  10. FEMA – The official iPhone app of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA is free of charge and contains preparedness information for various potential situations, emergency kits, safety tips and an interactive checklist. After a major emergency, you can also access maps with the locations of FMA Disaster Recovery Centers around you.
Your iPhone may be one of the most powerful devices on the market, but it’s still dependent upon a battery for functionality. It’s wise to invest in portable solar chargers, extra batteries and other power supply alternatives to keep your phone charged and ready to use in the event of power failures and extended outages.

10 Motivational Apps for Runners

With proper training and carefully planned workouts, finishing a race can be easy. All it takes is getting off the couch, turning off the TV and finding the motivation to run that extra mile.
Smartphone users are in luck. With the accurate tracking and real-time statistics that dozens of apps provide, you’ll receive performance-enhancing advice that will not only get you through today’s run, but help improve your time for the next one.

For Beginners

Couch to 5K (C25K) was designed for the couch potato or beginning runner. It features a step-by-step program that allows users to build strength and stamina during an eight-week time period. The app only requires you to dedicate three days per week to pounding the pavement, giving you alerts when to walk, run and cool down.

As an alternative, use the 5K101 podcast training program (also eight weeks) to download weekly workouts and get tips and advice, mixed with upbeat music while you run, to help you pace yourself and run with ease.

For Coaching

MiCoach is the closest form to a virtual personal trainer you can get. By inputting your height, weight and average speed, the app gives you a customized training plan — complete with exercises and videos — that helps you gain speed and endurance. Plus, access input on distance, pace and the burned calories, as well as at least 400 strength and flexibility exercises. Seasoned runners may enjoy the shoe tracker, which monitors your shoe-wear usage, so you’ll know when it’s time to retire your current pair.
Much like miCoach, Endomondo turns your smartphone into a trainer. By tracking your workouts, it gives you feedback as you run and analyzes your performance based on time or calorie-related goals set by you before the run. Extra perks include heart rate tracking, split times and speed. Its social aspect allows you to share your runs online with its personal online community and via Facebook and Twitter.

For Camaraderie

Whether you prefer to run by yourself or with motivational friends, try Running Club, a virtual experience to schedule live runs or races with friends, family or even strangers from across the county. All you need to do is join a live race and wait for the start. You can track your location with its real-time map feature and compare your times with others you run against.
Once you’re done practicing, Race Finder will help you find more than 40,000 races — from marathons to 10Ks, 5Ks and fun runs across the nation. Because who doesn’t want that free race t-shirt?

For Long Distance

When running long distances, it’s important to use GPS tracking. That way, you can map exactly where you ran and how long (or short!) it took you to get there. Nike+ Running does just that. In addition to recording your distance, pace and time, it gives audio feedback on your time per mile and offers a motivational cheer function that you can set at certain times and goals. Plus, share the GPS map of your route with friends so they can see where you ran.
Alternatively, RunKeeper notifies you when you hit PRs and helps manage your goals and target times. Best of all, it allows you to view your split times per mile and lets your supporters watch live maps of your runs.

For Stamina

Many times we stumble across a song we love while running, but it’s just too darn slow. The Upbeat Workouts for Runners app takes your current running pace and matches it with a song in your library of a similar tempo. The faster you run, the quicker the song; and if you start to walk, the music slows down. It also includes free workout plans to guide you while you run.
In order to build stamina, it’s important to stay injury-free and safe before, during and after races. With RunInjuryFree, you can pinpoint areas on your body that hurt or that you want to work on, and diagnose certain symptoms. It offers preventative measures and stretches to cure your ailing pains.
Images courtesy of Flickr, Thomas Hawk, Tejas Prints

Edit and upload your Android videos with MovieAid Free

MovieAid Free is a simple Android app that will allow you to quickly perform many of the most used video editing functions straight from your Android, including assemble several videos into one, add images to your video (or make a video from images), add transition effects, add titles (and even subtitles), replace or add an audio track or music, and even upload it to YouTube or other sites.
I’ve been an amateur film maker for as long as I can remember, starting off with a chintzy 8mm camera way back in the covered wagon days (hyperbole alert!) and moving up to using my Android’s rather impressive video capture functions. The digital age has been one of ceaseless wonders for those that enjoy the hobby of making home videos, offering easier (and cheaper) means of recording your footage as well as fairly easy to use and powerful software to edit and compile end results. With the proliferation of Android mobile tech, our options are even more expansive but the main problem I have personally found with that process is that some of the most beloved and familiar programs, like Microsoft Movie Maker, won’t import the raw footage clips that I record with the ‘droid. This is not such a huge deal because I can always convert the footage before importing it but even then you can still run into problems with corrupted files and other issues. Not to mention the fact that you’re still strapped into the chair sitting at the computer to edit and finalize the videos.
MovieAid ScreenShot00023
Enter: MovieAid, a simple yet quite functional app for Android OS 2.2 or higher that will allow you to import video clips directly from the Android’s camera, edit them together in whatever manner you like, then compile and export them as a finished film. It will even help you to get your film uploaded to the destination of your choice, whether that’s to a friend’s Android or other mobile device or to YouTube or whatever other video hosting site you prefer. In short, MovieAid allows you to shoot, edit and finish home videos on the go so you don’t have to be strapped into the computer chair to be creative!
MovieAid ScreenShot00024
MovieAid is free to download, install and use. There is a ‘Pro’ version (as with many free ‘droid apps) that will unlock a couple of more advanced features but the free version is highly functional and quite useful even without those features. The free version is limited to end result videos that are 60 seconds long or less but the average video you will want to send via MMS has to be shorter than that anyway so it’s not such a big deal. Among the various features included you will find things like the standard ability to mix and clip your raw footage files (in nearly any format, so almost any cam setting will do) into a timeline as well as add captions and even overwrite the audio portion of your clips with background music of your choice (mixing music into the background while keeping the audio from the raw footage is a Pro feature) or record your own audio track on the fly using the mic on your ‘droid! That means you can add your own voice as commentary at any point you like in the film. There are various transition effects (like fade mixing) you can use to go from one clip or scene to another, or simply splice them together any way you like. Compile the end result and export it into a chosen format which can include everything from standard VGA to HD videos. It will even allow you to put together single frame snap shots to create stop motion animation or a video slideshow if you so desire. One of the most impressive and unexpected features is the live preview window, which I would have expected to use far more memory and CPU than it does.
MovieAid ScreenShot00022
Using MovieAid is a blast as it is easy and intuitive for anyone who has any experience on the Android OS. Pinch to zoom, tap and slide to scroll, all the standard controls are easy to figure out even if you don’t want to read the documentation. The app even gives you hints when it notices you are doing certain things, without being intrusive like certain animated paper clips we know. It should be mentioned that to do something as resource intensive as editing and compiling movies, you will want to make sure your Android is as powerful as possible of course. I tested it on a MyTouch Q Android phone, which isn’t the best or most impressive one on the market but is definitely not a ‘low end’ or ‘budget’ phone either so I would suggest you have at least a mid range phone before attempting to use the app without frustration or long waits. Bear in mind as well that the more clips you import and the longer you end result film is, the more resources you’re going to need and use during the edit process but aside from those minor points I didn’t find much to count as a downside in this app.

The free version of MovieAid is absolutely awesome in my opinion and totally worth checking out if you have any interest or desire to create and edit home videos on your Android device. Who knows? You might turn out to be the next great film maker and one day you can say, as you hold that little golden statue, that it all started with an app you found out about on Freewaregenius! Until next time, my friends!

Get MovieAid here

Can you get separate badges for different email accounts?

How to have seperate notifications badges for iPhone email iPhone tip: Can you get separate badges for different email accounts?Sheri

1. Turn off some of your Mail account badges

Did you know you can set up separate notification preferences for your different email accounts?
That means you could turn off the notification badges for your personal and school Gmail accounts, but keep badge for your work account on—not quite as good as having separate badges for each account, but better than nothing.
Badge settings for separate email accounts on iPhone 300x193 iPhone tip: Can you get separate badges for different email accounts?
You can have separate badge settings for your various iPhone email accounts.
Here’s how to do it:
  • Tap Settings, Notifications, then select Mail.
  • You should now see each of your email accounts listed separately. Find your personal account, tap it, then switch Badge App Icon to “off.” Now, do the same for your school account.
  • Also, if you really want to make sure you don’t miss any work mail, you could go into the preferences for your work account and turn on Alert-style notifications, which pop up a window whenever you get a new email message. The window must be manually dismissed, so there’s little chance that you’d miss a message. (You can read more about the different types of iPhone notifications right here.)

2. Install a separate, Gmail-friendly email app

While you can’t set up separate Mail icons and badges for your different email accounts, you could still try something along similar lines by downloading a new, separate email app that’s compatible with Gmail.
Gmail and iMailG for iPhone 300x222 iPhone tip: Can you get separate badges for different email accounts?
You can’t have different Mail icons for different email accounts, but you can install new email apps, like Gmail and iMailG.

Google has its own, free Gmail app for iPhone, but it only works with one Gmail account at a time.
You could, say, set Gmail for iPhone to notify you of new work mail, then have the iPhone’s main Mail app post badge notifications only for your personal and school accounts.
One alternative (and I’m sure there are others out there, too) is iMailG, a third-party app that can check multiple Gmail accounts.

So, for instance, you could have iMailG notify you of new messages for your school and personal accounts, then set your mail Mail app to post notification badges only for your work account.
(One quick note about iMailG: the app itself is free, but real-time notifications of new mail messages will set you back $2 a year.)

Now, neither Gmail for iPhone nor iMailG will let you read your mail messages while you’re offline, but remember: you can still check all your accounts in the iPhone’s main Mail app, which stores your mail messages for offline reading.

How to type with a swipe

How to swipe to type on an Android phone Android tip: How to type with a swipeNever quite got the hang of tap, tap, tapping on a touchscreen keypad? If you’re using an Android phone and you’re feeling a little daring, there’s a clever—and surprisingly elegant—alternative: swiping.
The latest version of the Android OS (version 4.2, for those keeping track) adds a new feature called Gesture Typing, which lets you type on your phone’s virtual keyboard by swiping your fingertip from one letter to another.

Of course, typing with touchscreen gestures takes some getting used to, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it—and don’t be surprised if you never go back to tapping.
Indeed, within a few minutes, I found myself “typing” with ease, with my thumb making big, looping gestures across the virtual keypad on my Galaxy Nexus phone.

For now, though, there’s a catch when it comes to Gesture Typing: it’s only supported on Android version 4.2, and Android 4.2 is only available on a handful of Android phones. (My Galaxy Nexus, which I bought directly from Google, is one of the few phones in the tiny Android 4.2 club.)
You can check if your phone is running on Android 4.2 by opening the Settings control panel and tapping “About phone,” then checking the number under “Android version; you can also tap “System updates” to check for any available updates to your handset.

Can’t get Android 4.2 on your phone yet? Good news: a free, third-party Android add-on called Swype has been performing the “swipe-to-type” trick for a few years now, and it works on practically any Android phone. Swype may, in fact, already be installed on your device.
Using Swype to type 300x230 Android tip: How to type with a swipe
Even if you don’t have the latest version of 
Android on your phone, Swype will let you do the “swipe-to-type” trick on your handset.

Tap Settings, “Language & input,” and look for Swype in the “Keyboards and input methods” section. If Swype is listed, make sure it’s checked, then tap “Default” and select Swype. (The exact way of changing your keyboard settings may differ depending on the make and model of your Android phone.)
No sign of Swype? You can still get it on your phone by registering on Swype’s website and following the download instructions.

Keep in mind, though, that Swype is still “in beta”—that is, it isn’t quite finished yet, so you may run into some bugs. You’ll also need to be comfortable with giving the Swype app virtually unlimited access to your phone, including (naturally enough) your keystrokes.

Manage & Control Android Devices Wirelessly With AirDroid

We all love our smartphones and tablets, but sometimes there’s only so much you can do with the single screen view and limited screen size. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to manage all your data on your Android device like you could on the laptop? With AirDroid, you can.
AirDroid lets you connect your Android device with a desktop PC or laptop where you can then access files, send/recieve SMS, install/uninstall apps, and manage bulks of data in your Android smartphone or tablet. Oh, and it lets you do this wirelessly.

Getting started with AirDroid

In order to begin using AirDroid, you must ensure your desktop PC or laptop is on the same (wireless) network as your Android device. This is to link up your mobile device with your desktop PC or laptop.
On your Android device, go to Google Play and download and install AirDroid. Run the app.
On your desktop PC or laptop, navigate to or key in the IP address shown on your Android device.
AirDroid Web

Login to AirDroid

You can login by scanning the QR code or punching in a 6-digit code.
To enter via QR Code scan: tap the camera button in the AirDroid app. Scan the QR code shown on your browser.
To enter via passcode: input the 6-digit passcode you see on your Android device onto your web browser.
Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll see icons, and other relevant information about your device. Your devices are now connected. Let’s get to work.
AirDroid Web Home

What You Can Do With AirDroid

After you have logged in, you can click on any of the icons to start managing and controlling your Android device from your desktop PC.
Here is the list of icons and a short description of what they do:
  • Messages – Create, receive or reply SMS messages.
  • Music – Manage and upload music content to your device.
  • Contacts – Manage and edit contact details.
  • Apps – Manage apps installed on your device or install an app with an APK file from your desktop.
  • Ringtones – Manage and upload phone, notification and alarm ringtones.
  • Frequent Contacts – Shows contacts you frequently communicate with.
  • Files – File explorer similar to exploring files when your device is plugged into your computer.
  • Videos – Manage, view and upload video files.
  • Screenshot – Take screenshots of your Android device (rooted devices only).
  • Call Logs – View or delete details of incoming, outgoing or missed calls.
  • Photos – Manage and upload photos on your Android device.

AirDroid Browser ‘Widgets’

There are more things you can do with widgets found on your browser, widgets like the Clipboard and URL Opener, and the Search Bar.
The clipboard allows you to control the clipboard of your device. This is good for transferring a long string of text or digits you may want to transfer from your computer to your device.
The URL opener opens the copied link on the default browser of your Android device.
And lastly, the Search Bar lets you look for apps on the Play Store or on Quixey.
There are also 5 buttons on the right of the search bar which allow you to:
  1. Enable "multiple desktops" for better multitasking (see below)
  2. Compose a text message
  3. Install apps
  4. Upload files
  5. Return to the AirDroid main page.
Multiple Desktops
Once you’re done using AirDroid, you can tap the Disconnect button on your device and quit the app.


10 New Features for Evernote 5

The Evernote team has updated and redesigned their user interface with 100 new features for better user experience. The new Evernote – Evernote 5 – comes with a new look and new shortcuts, which brings quicker access to everything you can do on Evernote.

Now your notes can be geotagged and shown on a world map to help you revisit memories of past adventures. Everything has been laid out in a way where you can easily view and organize your notes and notebooks. The search has also been improved to predict keywords as you type. Evernote users on iOS also get an updated app with a cleaner and more accessible user interface.

Here’s a quick look into the new features of Evernote 5 and how they can improve and speed up your productivity.


The easiest way to access Hulu, Pandora, and Netflix from anywhere in the world

Media Hint

Many sites are Geo-restricted, these days. There are several options available to you if you’re outside of the US and looking to access US-only sites such as Hulu, Pandora, and Netflix, but none of them are as easy and straightforward as this one.

Media Hint’ is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, it runs in the background with nothing whatever for the user to configure. When you visit Geo restricted sites such as Hulu, the extension kicks in automatically and the videos or other content plays as per normal, without any problems or interruptions. It is ad-free and does not slow down your connection).

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How To Restore iPad Mini To Factory Settings

The newly launched Apple iPad Mini is out to have a beat down with other tablets in the market. If you have jailbroken your iPad Mini and have run into problems, there is probably a need for you to restore your iPad Mini to its original factory settings.

Restoring the iPad Mini to its default settings is also essential if you are thinking of selling or giving away your iPad Mini to someone else as you can fully erase your personal info from the device before it leaves your hands.

Here are 2 simple ways to restore factory settings and erase all the content on your iPad Mini, with the help of iTunes, and without.

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Find, stream, and download MP3 tracks or entire albums with MP3Jam

MP3 Jam

Everybody know it: spend some time and effort on Google, and you’re likely to find a download link to any mp3 track that you are interested in. But you don’t really have to do this, because there are many free desktop programs that can find mp3 downloads for you from many sources across the internet, from a single interface. MP3Jam is such a program.
MP3Jam Screenshot

MP3Jam is a free app that can search, play and download MP3 tracks for you. Nothing too unusual there. But what is noteworthy about it is that it has the ability to download entire albums as well, which it does very well. MP3Jam will also let you instantly share what you are listening to over Facebook and Twitter.
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FREE vehicle simulator with accurate physics and sweet crashes

Rigs of Rods

Have you ever wanted to see what it would look like if you crashed your car into a telephone pole? Are you a student of physics, either professional or amateur? If you said yes to either of these questions, you may want to check out Rigs of Rods, a project that is part simulator, part game and part physics experiment.


While it doesn’t fit perfectly into any of these categories, blurring the lines between them, it does stand out as one of the most interesting free and open source programs I’ve seen in any of those genres. The physics engine that powers ‘Rigs of Rods’ is one of the best you’ll find anywhere. (Rigs of Rods is multiplatform: WIndows, Linux, MacOSX.)

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The best free launcher for Android

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Feat2One of the things I liked the most about Android when I switched from iOS was the fact that you could run a third party launcher that can thoroughly customize your phone’s interface, and change the way your interact with the device. We tried many free Android launchers, and can happily report: Nova Launcher, a free somewhat Jellybean-inspired launcher, is one of the best.

Nova Launcher doesn’t bring an new concept to the table; rather, it takes a bunch of interesting and convenient options that you saw before and puts them together to create a final product that is more than the sum of its parts. Features include customizing the number of icon columns and rows, resizing ANY widget on demand, uninstalling apps right from the icon, and zippy fast performance overall.

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12 Free Meme-Making IPhone Apps

If you are fans of memes, there’s a chance that you have tried making one yourself via meme-making websites. These web-based meme-makers will have the regular stockpile of memes but if you were to introduce your own pictures and turn them into a meme, well ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here’s where your iPhone can help. We have gathered in this list 20 of the top-rated apps to create your own meme with! Turning your own photos into memes is as easy as taking a snapshot or picking one out from your photo gallery.

Start having fun with Philosoraptor, Fry, the Rage Comics family, derp, herp and derpina and the rest of the meme family. Nutella and nyan cats not included.

1. PicMeme

Simple and self-explanatory interface that comes with four layout templates.
Upload images from your photo library or take photo to the layout before publishing or saving the completed meme. [Free]

This iPhone App Rewards You for Photos of Your Favorite Brands

Name: Kapture
One-Line Pitch: Kapture is an iPhone app that connects users with brands and businesses in New York City through photos.
Why It’s Taking Off: Users earn rewards instantly for taking photos of the brands they love and sharing them on social media.

Whether of meals, clothing or favorite destinations, you smartphone owners tend to share photos of all the things you love. Now, a mobile app startup wants to reward you for doing so.
Kapture is a free mobile app that uses photos to connect users to the brands and businesses they love in New York City. By taking a photo of the brand and sharing it via social media, users instantly earn rewards in the form of discounts or items.
The location-based app, which launched on Wednesday, shows users a list of businesses nearby in entertainment, fashion, food, home, shopping and travel. Each business has a “moment” that users need to take a photo of to earn the reward. If you select “Strand Bookstore” for example, the moment is to “kapture a photo of your new book” to earn a $5 gift card.
Each photo on Kapture is transformed into a polaroid-style image, which features a watermark of the brand’s logo. Users have to upload photos to Facebook or Twitter to claim their prizes.
From up to 300 businesses in New York City, users can earn a variety of rewards, ranging from meal to discounts to free drinks, bags and clothing. Users can redeem their rewards instantly, save them for another time or give them as gifts to friends.
“Kapture turns anyone taking a photo into a brand ambassador,” Michael Szewczyk, founder of Kapture, told Mashable in an interview. “This allows businesses and brands to benefit from the billions of photos that people take each month, and users to earn something outside of just social.”
Kapture has raised $1 million in funding and plans to launch an Android app in 2013. The company has not developed a business model yet, but is considering generating revenue through analytics reporting.
Thumbnail image courtesy of Flickr, vernieman.

3 apps for watching free network TV shows

4 Android apps for watching free TV shows Android tip: 3 apps for watching free network TV showsWant to watch full-length episodes of network TV shows like “The Good Wife,” “Gossip Girl,” “CSI:NY,” “Rescue Me,” and “Seinfeld” on your Android phone, for the low price of zero?
The good news is that you can watch recent episodes of “America’s Next Top Model,” “Late Night with David Letterman,” “Blue Bloods,” and several other shows on your Android phone, all without paying a dime.
The good news is that you can watch recent episodes of “America’s Next Top Model,” “Late Night with David Letterman,” “Blue Bloods,” and several other shows on your Android phone, all without paying a dime.

The bad news? The pickings are still a bit slim, especially compared to the iPhone and iPad.
So far, only CBS and The CW offer official Android apps with full-length episodes. NBC promises full episodes are “coming soon” to its Android app, but has yet to deliver. TNT and TBS stream full episodes through their respective Android apps, but only if you have an existing cable subscription. Meanwhile, ABC, Fox, and PBS are still missing in action as far as Android is concerned.
Still, there is at least some free network TV to be had for Android users, no subscription (cable or otherwise) required.
Two more caveats before we begin: First, we’re not (typically, anyway) talking complete seasons here; in general, expect a handful of the most recent full episodes. Second: get ready to sit through plenty of unskippable commercials.
So, ready to tune in? Let’s start with…

1. (Download)

Here’s you home for full streaming episodes (plus commercials, unfortunately) from CBS, including “The Good Wife,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “Blue Bloods,” and “CSI: NY.” Not bad, although I didn’t see any full episodes of such popular CBS shows as “The Big Bang Theory,” “NCIS,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Person of Interest,” or “The Mentalist.”
Also on tap are daytime soaps and game shows like “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Price is Right,” late-night laughs from David Letterman and Craig Ferguson, and snippets of shows from other CBS-owned networks like Showtime, The CW, and CNET.

2. The CW Network (Download)

The CW offers a generous helping of recent, full episodes from shows like “90210,” “Gossip Girl,” “America’s Next Top Model,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Nikita,” “Supernatural,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”
TV com app for Android 168x300 Android tip: 3 apps for watching free network TV shows for Android offers a smattering of free, full episodes of CBS shows like “The Good Wife” and “Late Show with David Letterman.”
You’ll also find plenty of brief video clips, photo galleries, Facebook and Twitter updates, and frequent commercial breaks.

3. Crackle (Download)

Lots of obscure and animated shows, but you’ll also find a few diamonds in the rough, like “Rescue Me,” “Seinfeld,” “Married with Children,” “Sanford & Son,” “All in the Family,” “The Dana Carvey Show,” and “Good Times.”
Also included: a grab bag of free movies, such as “Step Brothers,” “The Fifth Element,” “Boyz in the Hood,” “District 9,” “Stranger than Fiction,” plus plenty of grade-Z selections, like “Frankenfish,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The New Generation,” and “Vampires: The Turning.”
And yes—expect your view pleasure to be interrupted by ads, early and often.

Bonus tip

Not satisfied with the selection of apps above? You can always install the free Netflix and Hulu Plus apps for Android, which boast thousands of streaming TV shows for $8 a month. The Google “Play” store also offers à la carte TV shows that you can purchase and download to your Android handset.

10 iPhone Apps for Tracking Public Transportation Schedules

Opting to commute or traverse your city via mass transit comes with a variety of perks. From creating downtime that allows you to read or boost your work productivity to saving money as fuel costs rise and eliminating the morning struggle to find parking while doing your part to save the environment, it’s well worth the occasional hassle. Managing the schedules in a larger city can be a fairly daunting tasks, though. Fortunately, the talented developers of applications available through the App Store for your iPhone can come to the rescue, eliminating one more reason to drive your own car to work.
  1. HopStop – Not only will the free HopStop app provide you with up-to-date and accurate scheduling information for buses and subways in hundreds of cities in the United States, Canada and Europe, but also official transit maps, directions and a station finder. Your scrollable transit maps are even available offline, allowing you to browse when your connection isn’t reliable.
  2. OneBusAway –If you’re located in the Seattle area, this free app created by the University of Washington will provide you with schedules and real-time arrival information for mass transit in the area. You can search for stops by address, route and stop number, and also find nearby stops with global positioning.
  3. TransitTimes+ – Available for a variety of cities in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the $4.49 TransitTimes+ app tracks buses, trains, ferries and subways to help you plan your route and access the scheduling information you need to ensure that you never miss your ride again.
  4. allSchedules – Covering more than five-hundred thousand stops in more than one hundred cities, allSchedules is a free app that provides public transit schedules and arrival predictions, along with interactive maps and offline schedule brochures.
  5. Smart Ride – Named one of TIME Magazine’s “50 Best iPhone Apps” for 2012, Smart Ride is a free app that provides alerts, arrival information and schedules for many areas in North America. Avoid delays, find arrival times at other stops and save your favorite stop locations for quick access later.
  6. Nextime – For $2.99, Nextime will make sure that you don’t miss your bus by quietly tracking it in the background, then sending a notification when it’s time for you to make your way to the stop. Not only does Nextime manage your bus schedule, it also automatically calculates the walking distance from your current location to your chosen bus stop.
  7. RailBandit – Amtrak and commuter train schedules are available with a few taps of the screen through this $2.99 app, which provides offline transit directions, trip-planning and scheduling capabilities up to fourteen days in advance and track the train you’re currently riding to determine whether or not it’s on time.
  8. Transit Maps – The best scheduling app in the world won’t help you make it to the bus stop on time if you can’t find it, which is why this free app is just as important as your favorite transit schedule.
  9. Lumatic City Maps – Lumatic provides you with scheduled departure times for all transit lines near your current location, but also directions to local businesses and navigation by recognizable landmarks. While this free app will help you manage mass transit schedules, it’ll also help you navigate the city when you get off the bus.
  10. The Transit App – Covering twenty-one cities, the free version of the Transit App provides itinerary information and schedules for the three transit routes nearest to you, while subscribers can access the same information for routes in a 1.5km radius.
While making your own small contributions to preserving the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint can be its own reward, there is a perhaps unforeseen perk to skipping your morning drive in favor of hopping the bus or a train is that you’ll finally be able to use your iPhone’s many features safely. Rather than struggling to keep your eyes on the road, risking serious injury due to a car accident and taking the chance of a citation for using your phone while you’re driving, make your commute a public one and enjoy your device safely!

5 Free iPhone Gardening Apps

Garden Lite is an awesome free app that's great for quick reference. There are about 750 plant species in the app's database, and you can view photos and read up on the plants you're interested in.
The app covers all the bases you'd need to know: common name, botanical name, description, care info, soil, climate, planting time, bloom time, pests and diseases.
There's also a separate section on pests with about 20 common garden threats, such as weevils and aphids, and advice on both symptons and treatments.

Garden Plot is a free app, but you will need to splash the cash to get the most from it as useful features. Produce data, the plot planner and information on garden bugs, are all additional in-app purchases.
However, without paying out you can access some data on produce, create a handy to-do list and set up the "My garden" section.
This section is comprehensive; you can not only add plants from the set list, but also enter the date they were planted, see the days until harvest, and add notes and photos.

Designed as an aid for "less confident" gardeners, the RHS' free app is a solid resource for anyone looking to start growing his own produce.
While you can purchase more data within the app, there is useful information about 20 common varieties of fruit and veg for free.
The profiles for each plant will help you decide what to grow, based on your own competence and the space you have.
When you do decide, there are sowing and harvesting instructions and info on common problems.
In addition, you can add fruit and veg profiles to the "My garden" section of the app, which offers calendar alerts to remind you what to do, and when.

Organic Gardening magazine's official app, The Planting Planner is a great tool to make sure you are planting varieties at the right time.
Once you've set up a "garden," you can select what you want to grow from the extensive database, and the app then gives you info about how and when to plant seeds.
It also lets you know when to get them outside, as you can set your garden's location. The app also offers weather information, including frost dates, so your poor little seedlings won't get chilled to death.

Finally, this app is the mobile version of the excellent social networking site.
If you're not a member, you can still access the plant database info, but obviously you'll get the most out of MyGardenApp if you're a full MyGarden member.
Members can add plants to their gardens, follow other gardeners, see activities and make their own to-do lists.

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Best free iPhone games of all time

Not all iPhone games require you to pay 99 cents or more to download them. So what are the best free games for the iPhone? These selections are worth paying for even though they won’t cost you a dime.

Words with Friends Free

Who would have though that Apple’s iOS platform was the perfect platform for extended games of Scrabble-like board games? Words With Friends Free is exactly that -- a brand of Scrabble that you can play against your friends by taking turns, over the Internet, at your own pace. Each player places a word and submits it to Words With Friends, which vets it to make sure it really is a word, and keeps score. You can play up to 20 games at a time, with as much time as you want between turns -- it’s all up to you. And best of all (yes, better than free), you can play Words With Friends cross-platform, against players on Android phones as well as iPhones or iPads.

Angry Birds Free

Mentioning Angry Birds here feels like paying homage to the king, but the free version of Rovio Mobile’s inescapable and iconic casual bird-flinging masterpiece is actually a really solid game. First off, it features 15 levels that aren’t available in any other version of the game, which is at least something of an incentive to check it out. Secondly, it features the same very solid gameplay mechanics that make the paid version of Angry Birds work so well. Angry Birds Free is ad-supported and not nearly as cool as the full version of the game -- that sometimes gets updates with additional levels -- but it is a free version of Angry Birds that rewards your frugality with unique stages to play through.

Sudoku 2

Anyone who’s given Sudoku a try in the puzzles section of a newspaper knows how addictive it can be. The logic game has a simple premise, yet can be incredibly difficult. You have a grid of 81 squares, and that grid is divided into larger blocks that each contain nine squares. The key to the game is to make each column, row and block contain all numbers 1 through 9 without repeating. Once you understand the rules (for example, when you fill in a blank square with a 6, there can’t be another 6 in the same line either horizontally or vertically), the game becomes interesting as you start to use logic to fill in blank squares and eliminate numbers that could potentially fill them. Sudoku 2 is a beautiful, free way to play Sudoku on your iPhone, and it’s as addictive as it is elegant. The game provides all the features you would get if you were playing with a pen and paper, including the ability to mark squares with hypothetical numbers that could occupy them as you continue to eliminate options. It’s packed full of puzzles of varying difficulties and seems to go on forever.

Unblock Me Free

There are tons of puzzle levels in Unblock Me Free, even though it’s a demo game for its paid counterpart. The premise is simple, even though the game is challenging: in each square level, you have a series of wooden rectangles that are placed together in the grid. One of the pieces is colored, and this one you’re trying to slide off the screen. The blocks can move horizontally or vertically, but only in the direction that they’re smallest side is facing – in other words, you can’t move the blocks sideways. Even the beginner puzzles are a decent challenge. Unblock Me has an addictive nature that will draw you into its free puzzle-solving charms for a good long time.

Hanging With Friends Free

After the hugely successful Words With Friends, Zynga’s new take on the traditional hangman game is another winner. With the same drop-in-and-play vibe as Words, it’s a game that players can dip in to at their own pace. Create words for your opponents and see if they can solve them. There are lifelines and hints available if you get stuck (plus an in-app store where you can buy more coins), but get five words wrong in a game and you’ll lose. This word game doesn’t pack the same strategic punch as Words With Friends, but it’s still fun to pick up and play now and again.

Paper Toss 2.0

The follow up to mega-hit Paper Toss offers even more time-wasting fun for free. The original game was downloaded more than 100 million times, but the sequel takes things to a new level. More than just paper, you get to throw bananas, grenades, tomatoes and more, all in new, improved settings with crisper, cleaner graphics. The game’s dynamics remain similar, but the gameplay has been refreshed and improved to increase replayability. Factor in more power-ups, more people to throw things at, more unlockable items and Game Center leaderboards and Paper Toss 2.0 adds up to a heap of fun.

Fruit Ninja Lite

Here’s a prediction. A few minutes with the free, trial version of Fruit Ninja, and you’ll probably want to fork out the 99 cents for the full experience. Fruit Ninja Lite lets you sample just the classic mode, but omits the excellent arcade, Zen and multiplayer modes avaiable in the paid-for version. Still, what you get for free is a lot of fun: as fruit flies across the screen you must slash it with your finger like a samurai, but watch out for bombs or it’s game over. It’s a dynamic that’s perfectly suited to the iPhone’s touchscreen and furiously addictive.


There’s an awful lot to explore in Six-Guns, and what’s more, it’s all free. Sure, you can use in-app purchases to speed things up a bit, but developers Gameloft make it clear in their description that you can play through the entire game without spending a dime. Set in an old West environment, Six-Guns is an open-world cowboy adventure with plenty of varied missions to enjoy, usually involving gun-totin' and horseback ridin'. Though the storyline and plot isn’t the greatest, play often and your character will gain access to better weapons and you can hone your cowboy skills no end.

Poker by Zynga

Developer Zynga hit the jackpot with this one — it’s the most popular Texas Hold’em poker game in the App Store and on Facebook with an an estimated 6 million people playing their hands every day. If you’re just a beginner, it’s easy to pick up and learn, but if you’re a more seasoned card shark, there are also plenty of competitive tables available. It’s easy to chat with your fellow players and various tournaments could see you winning thousands of chips to keep you playing that little bit longer.

Amazing Breaker Free

This free, trial version of Amazing Breaker, is an excellent physics-based puzzler with plenty of ice-smashing action. There’s 16 levels to try here, and you’re pretty likely to get hooked and want to upgrade to the full game. With universally positive reviews, this challenging puzzle game sees you blasting ice sculptures with bombs. You need to destroy at least 90 percent of each sculpture to move on, so the trick is to demolish every little fragment of ice, and therein lies the challenge. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master like the best and most addictive games.

Best free iPhone apps of all time

What are the best free iPhone apps worth downloading right now? Although there are a lot of great free iPhone apps to choose from, time is money and here we are recommending the best free iPhone apps of all time.


Used to be that Skype was cool but not particularly useful. It allowed users to make phone calls to computers for free, which was nice, but in many ways it was a replacement phone service, with users buying minutes to make calls to other phones. No more, however -- Skype received a massive update in early 2011 that added free Skype-to-Skype video calling that has totally changed the game. Users can use their iPhones to video conference with users who are on their computers, or even other iOS and Skype-enabled TVs. In fact, all Skype-to-Skype calls are now free, and calls work over a Wi-Fi connection or using your phone’s 3G Internet connection. Instead of being stuck finding a Wi-Fi connection to have a video conference call, Skype lets you do it no matter where you are.

Pandora Radio

Free, streaming Internet radio is Pandora’s bag, but it’s set apart from other services, such as AOL Radio, because Pandora generates “stations” based on your specifications and preferences. The more time spent with Pandora, rating songs and making stations, the better the service gets at predicting songs you’ll like and playing them. It’s a good way to get turned on to new music and an alternative to eating up iPhone hard drive space with music files.


There are services with a Dropbox account you can pay for, but the bare bones – an online space in which you can drop files from your computer and retrieve them on your phone – is all free and works great. It’s an especially handy way to upload items that get saved on your phone (like photos) to free up memory space. Add music and movie files to your online Dropbox account and you can retrieve them, and play them, on your phone too.

NPR News

If you only choose one news app, make it NPR’s well-rounded, overflowing offering. Not only does it include standard text stories like you’d find in other apps, you can stream the radio network’s broadcasts. The app also links up to various NPR programs and blogs, and lets you save your favorite local NPR stations so you can listen to them anywhere and stay up-to-date on national and world events.

Amazon Mobile

Speaking of shopping, Amazon’s app easily condenses everything cool about the online marketplace into one handheld, easily navigable place. The app’s search feature is especially handy when you see something in the real world and want to order it immediately, but you can also save items for later consideration. A home page that links you up to daily Gold Box deals is a thoughtful touch, and it’s all blessedly simple.


You’ve got your iPhone with you pretty much all the time, right? So if you have an idea or need to remember something, what better item to use to document it? Evernote makes taking and keeping notes ludicrously easy, and in several forms: as lone text, as voice recording, or even coupled with a photo. Notes can be saved and searched, as well as synced online with a web-based Evernote account.


Users of the social media website will find everything necessary to stay connected with this app. Its home page is your Facebook news feed, but posting status updates or searching for friends’ profiles each require touching only one button. This app offers a ton of social connectivity and continues to get regularly updated to include new Facebook features like the Timelines, integration with Places so you can check-in when you're out and about, plus better photo sharing capabilities.


You’ll find yourself jumping into the Yelp app every time you’re considering a new restaurant or wondering if a service or store is worth your time. Especially in larger cities, this database of reviews for businesses is enormous and will save time and energy determining things like where to take your car for a tune-up or where to get a delicious and cheap meal. There are also lots of ways to interact with other users to find and keep track of the best businesses in your area.


Amazon’s e-book business doesn’t require the use of the company’s Kindle e-reader if you’ve got an iPhone -- it just requires the free Kindle app. With it, users can purchase books straight from Amazon’s book store and read them right in the app. Even better, all the books you purchase are downloaded from Amazon’s digital locker stored online, so you can use the same Kindle account on multiple devices, including an actual Kindle reader, an iPad or an Android device. The app also keeps track of your progress through your books over all your Kindle apps.


The winner of Apple's coveted "best app of 2011" award, Instagram is a huge hit which has revolutionized sharing photos via iPhone and iPad. While the regular camera on your iPhone does a decent job, Instagram helps spruce-up your images by applying lots of cool filters and lens effects to give your images a unique look and feel. But what makes Instagram a success is its sharing capabilities. Once you're happy with your retro-looking shot, it's easy to upload it and it share it quickly with friends. Instagram makes the whole process simple and seamless, offering unlimited uploads for iPhone users who love to document their day with pictures.