10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Apps

Here You can choose one ar all of the following Apps for your Samsung Galaxy Tab

1. WSJ on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Wall Street Journal app is the best app for the Samsung Galaxy Tab so far, making full use of the 7-inch screen to present the paper in a very different way than it does on the phone. 

2. NYTimes on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The New York Times offers a much less compelling tablet experience than the WSJ - it's just the look of the NYT's phone app with some pictures on the side. 

3. FT on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Financial Times's Galaxy Tab app is even sparer than the New York Times's; it looks like an old WAP site, albeit a pink one. 

4. Asphalt 5 on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The driving game Asphalt 5 uses the full 1024-by-screen and is more immersive on a Galaxy Tab than on a smaller phone. 

5. Chess on Samsung Galaxy Tab

SparkChess is one of the few games specifically designed to use the Galaxy Tab's screen size. It's also written in Adobe AIR. 

6. Opera Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab's 7-inch screen gives you a lot of room to browse with Opera Mobile 10.1. 

7. Slacker on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Slacker for T-Mobile Galaxy Tab is definitely designed for the device; it just doesn't have a real need for a big screen. 

8. Qik on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Qik is supposed to supply video calling on the Galaxy Tab, but I just couldn't make it work properly. 

9. Skype on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Skype, on the other hand, works very well to make voice calls on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. 

10. YouTube on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The 1024-by-600 screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab means you have to watch YouTube videos in HQ mode for them to be viewable. With HQ turned on, as you can see, they look great.