How to Hide the “Newsstand” app in a folder (finally!) in iOS7

How to hide Newsstand in a folder in iOS 7 iOS 7 tip: Hide the Newsstand app in a folder (finally!)The much-maligned “Newsstand”—you know, the home for various magazines and newspapers sold through Apple’s App Store—is a bit like a party crasher who plunks down on your sofa and refuses to budge.
Debuting on the home screens of iPhone and iPad more than two years ago, the Newsstand app (which, in the pre-iOS 7 days, used to look like a wooden cabinet stuffed with bookshelves) couldn’t be deleted, nor could it be tucked neatly into another folder.
Instead, it was just…well, there, whether you actually used it or not.
Moving the Newsstand app into a folder in iOS 7 300x210 iOS 7 tip: Hide the Newsstand app in a folder (finally!)
Thanks to iOS 7, you can now hide the Newsstand app in a home-screen app folder.
Well, here’s a small-but-important change that Apple apparently made with iOS 7: starting now, you can hide the Newsstand app in another folder.
No, you still can’t delete the Newsstand app altogether, but hiding it in a rarely used folder is almost as good.
Here’s how…
  • Just tap and hold the Newsstand app (in iOS 7, it’s white with little magazine and newspaper images inside); after a second or so, all the apps on your home screen should start doing a little dance.
  • Next, either a) drag the Newsstand icon into an existing home-page folder, or b) drag the icon on top of another icon to create a new folder.
  • All set? Tap the Home key to save your changes and make all your app icons stop shaking.

How to Set an “out of office” message with the Gmail app

Set an out of office message from the Gmail for Android app Android tip: Set an out of office message with the Gmail app 
So, your bags are packed, you’re in the airport and you’re about to step on a plane heading for someplace warm, and then it hits you: you forgot to activate an “out of office” message for your email account.
Well, if you’re using Gmail, good news: Gmail for Android just added an auto-responder feature that lets you set up an “out of office” message directly from your Android phone, no PC or Mac required.
Gmail for Android vacation responder settings 300x204 Android tip: Set an out of office message with the Gmail app
You can now set an out of office message directly from the (updated) Gmail for Android app.
Here’s how…
  • First, you’ll need to install the latest version of the Gmail app. Launch the Play Store app, open the sidebar (tap in the top-left corner of the screen) and navigate to the “My apps” section, then tap the green Update All button to install any pending app updates, including (potentially) Gmail.
  • Next, launch Gmail, tap the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner of your screen, tap Settings, then tap the Gmail account for which you’d like to set up an “out of office” message.
  • Tap “Vacation responder,” then enter a starting date, and end date, a subject line (“Gone fishing!”), and a message for anyone who tries to email you during your well deserved break. You can also check the box next to “Send only to my Contacts” if you only want your family, friends and colleagues to know you’re away.
  • Flip on the switch next to “Vacation responder,” tap the Done button, then sit back and relax.