12 Free Meme-Making IPhone Apps

If you are fans of memes, there’s a chance that you have tried making one yourself via meme-making websites. These web-based meme-makers will have the regular stockpile of memes but if you were to introduce your own pictures and turn them into a meme, well ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here’s where your iPhone can help. We have gathered in this list 20 of the top-rated apps to create your own meme with! Turning your own photos into memes is as easy as taking a snapshot or picking one out from your photo gallery.

Start having fun with Philosoraptor, Fry, the Rage Comics family, derp, herp and derpina and the rest of the meme family. Nutella and nyan cats not included.

1. PicMeme

Simple and self-explanatory interface that comes with four layout templates.
Upload images from your photo library or take photo to the layout before publishing or saving the completed meme. [Free]

2. Mematic

Create your meme in four easy steps! Choose either ‘Advice Animal’ or ‘Demotivational’ style before uploading your personal pictures, or choose from a number of popular meme images before adding your personalized caption. [Free]

3. Meme Design

Apart from using your own pictures for your creation, this app with a sleek-looking interface offers tons of meme templates sorted alphabetically for your pleasure.
You can also change the colors of the fonts. The only beef you might have with this is that you only have one layout to work with. [Free]

4. Meme Factory

This one will need you to sign up an account to be part of the Meme Factory social network where you can view memes created by others; ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ them and share your own work.
You get to customize the positions and sizes of your captions as well. Not bad if you’re looking for some inspiration from other meme creators. [Free]

5. Memefier

A very cool app that utilizes the camera function, detects faces and replaces them with meme faces of your choice.
If you want to spontaneously create meme photos as you shoot with your camera, this is your best option. [Free]

6. WhatYouMeme

If you’re into the collage or comic-strip kind of meme, you wouldn’t want to miss WhatYouMeme.
On top of a caption for each of up to four pictures for your collage or comic strip, you can position your speech or thought bubbles. [Free]

7. Meme+ Pro

Other than offering you the standard tools for generating a meme photo from your library or from templates, Meme+ Pro also provides meme sounds and information on various memes and their origins.
Perfect for the meme fanatic. [Free]

8. Trollolol

Put a meme face onto your pictures with Trollolol’s library of meme faces. You can even adjust the position, angle, size and orientationi of the meme to fit on your object of desire. Then, share them with your friends.
With the in-app purchase of Epic Mode ($1.99), you get over 300 more faces, no ads and the ability to add text to images. [Free]

9. Meme Something

Give your memes that extra touch by placing add-on graphics such as the moustache, geek specs, piggy nose, etc.
They can be moved and scaled easily to create a most realistic meme photo! [Free]

10. Meme Generator

Simpel to use; fast results. All you need to do is either choose a template meme from the library or use your own pictures then key in your scalable captions.
Share or save the meme and you’re done! [Free]

11. Rage Maker

This one has a huge library of over 500 meme faces, and is more for advanced meme creators who are serious in making full rage-comic strips.
You start off with several choices of comic panel; each column can then be customized with rage faces, text, and you can even add hand-drawn images to it. By far the most detailed meme creator in this list. [Free]

12. iFunny

An all-in-one meme app that allows you to create Demotivational Posters, Rage Comics and Memes in the studio, you can also join its meme community to check out other meme-makers and their work. [Free]